The Canary Islands Government is already executing 85% of the Oroteanda link and will partially open it in the first quarter of 2024


The Department of Public Works, Housing and Mobility of the Government of the Canary Islands is developing the project for the third lane of the TF-1, San Isidro-Las Américas section, Oroteanda-Las Chafiras link, of which 85% of the assigned budget has already been executed , which reaches 23.6 million euros.

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Francisco González, and the general director of Road Infrastructure, Rosana Melián, supervised the progress of the works this Friday, after holding a meeting with the mayor of San Miguel de Abona, Arturo González, and representatives of the Círculo de Abona. Entrepreneurs of the South of Tenerife, in which the CEO of Highways of the Island Council, Dámaso Arteaga, was also present.

During the day, those responsible for the Ministry have detailed to both the city council and the business community the different phases that are currently being undertaken and the deadlines planned for each of them, such as access to the Oroteanda link from Santa Cruz de Tenerife; the upper link of Chafiras, access to it from Las Américas, as well as an action in the Barranco de Archile.

This project, whose investment currently amounts to 23.6 million euros, has already executed 85% of its initial budget, paying 18.9 million euros until October 2023.

The Ministry plans to partially hand over the Oroteanda link to the Cabildo of Tenerife at the end of the first quarter of 2024 and conclude the work in the last quarter of the year, it reports in a note.

The objective of this intervention is to resolve the influx of traffic that occurs on the Las Chafiras interchange, and which generates great congestion, not only on the interchange itself and the branches, but also on the TF-1 highway.

To this end, the project contemplates the remodeling of the Las Chafiras interchange and the creation of a new one in Oroteanda, complementary to the previous one, at the western end of the Las Chafiras core.

The system is completed with the creation of unidirectional collector-distributor roads between both points, in order to guarantee connectivity with the trunk of the TF-1 through uninterrupted traffic.

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