“I don’t know if anyone loves this city as much as I do.”

Juan Carlos Senantebetter known as Senator Cacowas excited and proud yesterday to receive the greatest honor granted by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council to an individual son of the city: recognition as Favorite Son of the city. “I deserve this privilege, and not because of my artistic career, but because I don’t know if there is anyone who loves this city as much as I do,” said the artist in statements to NOTICE DIARY.

In an event chaired by the mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, the capital City Council granted this honor to the musician yesterday afternoon. In this way, the City Council wanted to distinguish, at the mayor’s proposal, the contribution of Caco Senante “to the musical heritage of the Archipelago and his defense of our roots.”

The event began with the Alpina Fanfane overture offered by the Municipal Music Band, which also had the participation of numerous civil authorities. The general director of Organization and Internal Regime, José Antonio Herrera, read the plenary agreement through which the distinction is granted.

Next, the mayor offered his speech in which he gave a brief overview of the history and career of the honoree. Some words in which he recalled that in the streets of Santa Cruz “young Caco began to dream of being a singer when being a singer, from the Islands, was an almost unrealizable dream, within the reach of very few.”

Bermúdez added that “when Caco left the stage of the Guimerá Theater, after the public success of the Canarias 75 festival, along with the big names of the time, he felt that his fate was cast. He knew that he would no longer abandon music.”

The councilor highlighted the figure of Caco Senante who is “a confessed lover of the landscape and the people of his native land. That love for the roots led him to become an unexpected chronicler with the book Deja Ver, where he draws an accurate, tender and fun profile of the Santa Cruz that was, of the city that we inherited and that we love and in which those of us who already have grew up. some years”.

The popular song Mojo Picón was not missing in the mayor’s intervention. “His is the involuntary hymn to these islands that has been sung the most inside and outside of them, which he cannot stop performing when he gets on stage,” nor does he reference the Carnival “because in my carnival memory I keep the image of himself intact.” “Caco Senante, disguised as an old woman, down El Pilar street in a convertible,” he stressed.

Finally, he announced that “the moment has arrived, and we welcome him with open arms, showing him our admiration and our respect, which he has earned with his coherent career and commitment to his time, his talent.”

Bermúdez concluded by pointing out that “for his contribution to the musical heritage of the Archipelago and his defense of our roots, it is an honor for me to be able to give him this well-deserved distinction.” After his intervention, he presented the framed document that certifies his award as Favorite Son of the city to the artist.

For his part, the honoree personally thanked the mayor and the rest of the municipal Corporation for this distinction. An emotional honoree who highlighted “being privileged for the profession I have, for having been born in the Canary Islands and for doing so in Santa Cruz, a different city.” Caco Senante told DIARIO DE AVISOS that, “although I live in Madrid, I have always taken the city where I was born with me. I have made my origin clear on any stage and I have always spoken of the great virtues that Santa Cruz has.”

The singer endorsed that “it is a city with personality and an inexhaustible source of peculiar characters like Pedrín, Nacho el Gofio or Heidi, among others. A humor that has marked the history of the capital and that has influenced my character and also my career because it gave it that kind and characteristic sense that it has.”

Regarding whether he misses the Island from his current residence in Madrid, Senante stated that “the advantage of living abroad is that it gives you a more objective vision of the reality of your true home, which can sometimes deteriorate or be undervalued from day to day. day. That’s why I love my city.” Caco Senante is already a prophet in his land. Under the strains of the song Siempre Caco, performed by the Municipal Band, the city pays tribute to a unique artist and the precursor of the New Canarian Song.

Tenerife Weekly News