Health will launch a sampling unit at the El Chorrillo health center

Health will launch a sampling unit at the El Chorrillo health center. The initiative has been proposed by the representative of the Popular Parliamentary Group Rebeca Paniagua, who has achieved the unanimous support of the Health Commission of the Parliament of the Canary Islands.

This unit will be maintained at least twice a week and will avoid the transfer of residents from the El Rosario coast to the Barranco Grande health center, in Santa Cruz.

During the defense of a Non-Law Proposition, Paniagua assured that having this extraction point would avoid the referral and “pilgrimage” of patients to the Barranco Grande health center, in another municipal area. “In this center, from Monday to Friday, patients from both municipalities coincide early in the morning to be treated, having to endure enormous queues every day in the open,” he stressed.

“The residents of the El Rosario coast are the only ones on the entire island who must travel to another municipality to, for example, have an analysis done,” recalled Rebeca Paniagua, who assured that “this situation has become unsustainable due to the number of users.” that gather every morning, due to the waiting time and because there are patients who, due to medical prescription, must be transported periodically, such as elderly people, pregnant women, children and neighbors with pathologies such as hypertension or diabetes, who must wait at the doors until the arrival arrives. your turn”.

According to Aniagua, “with the approval of this initiative, a historical demand of the residents of the El Rosario coast for 13 years is addressed, since the San Isidro-El Chorrillo Health Center launching this sampling unit will mean that “About 7,000 users will have their quality of care improved, saving time and resources by avoiding having to travel to the Barranco Grande center as they had to do until now to get an analysis.”

The popular deputy thanked the rest of the parliamentary groups for their support of this Non-Law Proposition and recognized the efforts of the Popular Party of El Rosario “which has been fighting for more than a decade for this unit to open and serve the residents of Radazul, Tabaiba, El Chorrillo, San Isidro, Costanera, Machado and Bocacangrejo.” she thanked her.

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