A Ten-Bel Neighbourhood Community Closes its Gates Due to Occupation Risks Following Chasna 8 Building Eviction

A community of neighbors located in Ten-Bel has decided to take measures in the face of what they understand to be a “risk of illegal occupation of homes” after the eviction of the Chasna 8 building in Costa del Silencio (Arona) this Tuesday, which has left on the street about 50 people who do not have a housing alternative nor can they afford to pay rent.

A sign located in front of the aforementioned community, whose keys were distributed in July 2023, reports that “it has been decided to close the doors” as of March 13.

Vehicle doors are open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.“says the document, which, in turn, confirms that only one of the accesses to the property will remain operational until further notice.

Poster in a neighborhood community in Tenbel. GIVESPoster in a neighborhood community in Tenbel. GIVES

90 families evicted on Tuesday

The 210 people who were evicted on Tuesday, in compliance with the eviction order from the Chasna 8 building, which was issued in 2021 as an urgent measure and without possible postponement by court number 3 of the municipality due to the risk of the construction collapsing, they lived yesterday Wednesday first day out of their homes.

Fifty of them did not find a housing alternative so they were forced to spend the night in a van and a tent provided by the person who has acted as spokesperson for the neighbors.

“The first night was difficult. At seven in the morning, the panorama was Dantesque. Disjointed faces, numb from the cold, some with pain… We had to call the ambulance, which took more than half an hour, due to severe pain from someone’s rheumatism,” Eloy Outeiral details to DIARIO DE AVISOS.

emergency aid

Those affected and the Arona City Council tried to paralyze the resolution of the judicial measure through documents that they presented in recent weeks, but they did not succeed.

Thus, the municipal government has decided to make the requirements for requesting emergency aid more flexible, as confirmed by the Councilor for Social Services, Ruth Martín. “The standard regulation is that assistance to the vulnerable of up to 3,000 euros for rental housing is carried out in the municipality, but, as the emergency has been declared, it can be extended to other areas. Just as people in an irregular situation or who have not been registered in the municipality for more than six months can receive it,” she says.

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